Acoustic problems?

With more than 40 years’ experience in acoustics from the Danish Acoustical Institute (Lydteknisk Institut) and the Danish Technological Institute, I know what needs to be done to create great sound.

I teach and provide advisory services in acoustics in Denmark and around the world. My passion is acoustics for concert halls, theaters, cinemas and museums.
If you need independent, impartial acoustic advice, you can contact me here. 


Who benefits from independent acoustic advice?

Cultural institutions: Acoustics advice benefits any cultural institution that wants bring out the best in music, film, or theatrical performances.

Churches: I help the vestry choose sound equipment for what can be an acoustically challenging church space.

Public spaces: Acoustic advice can make train stations, airports, shopping centers and other public spaces more pleasant to be in, while also making it possible for the public to hear important announcements over the public address system.

Businesses: With independent acoustic advice the employer can ensure a better working environment, as well as an office space that allows for focus and concentration.

Private Homes: Independent acoustic advice can benefit homeowners dealing with external noise and or internal acoustics that make for poor intelligibility in the home. 


Impartial acoustic advice: What is it?

Impartial acoustic advice means that I am not affiliated with any producers of acoustic materials.

I will share my experience with you without any economic interest in recommending one type of sound-absorbing material over another. 


How I work

After a visual inspection and in some case a measurement of your space, I will deliver my objective acoustic evaluation, as well as design suggestions for acoustic improvements.

I’ll be happy to recommend solutions and materials based on my many years of experience. Afterwards, you take charge of any building alterations. I can, if requested, offer your building contractors guidance on how to achieve the best result.

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Who is Jan Voetmann?

I have a background as an acoustics specialist from Delta, from The Danish Acoustical Institute (Lydteknisk Institut) and the Danish Technological Institute. Today I am an independent consultant.


Acoustic solutions for cultural buildings

In Denmark, we use the term cultural buildings for buildings with a cultural object or content. 

This includes theatres, museums, cinemas and of course concert halls.

Over the past four decades, I have gained substantial experience in solving acoustic problems characteristic for cultural buildings. Some of my acoustic design solutions for this type of buildings include:
  • Design of more than 200 THX cinemas, primarily in Spain
  • Acoustic redesign of the extension of the Danish National Gallery, reducing the reverberation time from 11 seconds to approx. 2 seconds (!) – all completely invisible.
  • Acoustic redesign of the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, Gran Canaria – a beautiful concert hall used for classic music since the late 99’s. The hall was build with a reverberation time of approx. 3 seconds, which we reduced to approx. 2 seconds. Since then, the hall has received very good international reviews. Later, we added adjustable acoustics, and today, the hall can hosts big events such as the International Film Festival of Gran Canaria.
  • Acoustic design of Mogens Dahl Concert Hall, Copenhagen – a small (200 seats) chamber music hall. The hall has obtained much acclaim for its acoustics, e.g. from Danish Broadcasting.

Acoustic solutions in Denmark and abroad

I’ve worked on jobs within Denmark and abroad. Usually the architect or building owner asks for my advice when a theater, concert hall, cinema, museum or venue needs better acoustics.


Good acoustics can be beautiful

“Invisible” acoustics is one of my strengths. Many of my customers don’t just want an acoustic solution that sounds good – they want one that looks good, too. With a thorough knowledge of materials and styles, I can create acoustic solutions that fit naturally into the room design. 

Initiatives to promote good sound

Good sound is part of a good life. That’s why I’m involved in the following networks:

Danish Sound
Along with the innovator Flemming Madsen, I founded and help facilitate the governmental supported innovation network Danish Sound. This network includes some of Denmark’s largest players as well as new start-ups within sound design, acoustics, hearing devices and more. Knowledge and ideas are shared, and new technologies created.

House of Hearing
For many years I have been a volunteer at House of Hearing, a non-profit association situated in Copenhagen offering free and anonymous advise for people with hearing difficulties.

In addition to these initiatives, I teach acoustics at the following institutions:
  • The Danish National School of Performing Arts
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Music
  • The National Film School of Denmark
  • The Rhythmic Music Conservatory  
I am also a regularly guest lecturer and examiner at the Acoustics Department  at the Technical University of Denmark.

In 2016, I received the annual Sound Award together with project development specialist, Flemming Madsen for our initiative and establishment of the Danish Sound Innovation Network in 2009.
2008 - :
Independent acoustic advisor,
Voetmann Acoustics
1993 - 2008:
Senior Technology Specialist in Acoustics,
1974 - 1999:
Acoustics teacher,
Danmarks Radio 
1983 - 1993:
Dept. Manager,
The Danish Acoustical Institute    
1968 - 1983:
Acoustics Specialist,
Danish Technological Institute 
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